Virginia Landscaping Ideas

Virginia is a gardener's haven with mild winters, early springs and long, warm summers. In addition, the Old Dominion is host to a wide variety of landscapes, including everything from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. Almost every gardening style is embraced in Virginia, where old plantations and modern high-rises exist side by side. Virginia landscaping often incorporates native wildflowers, wild life and dramatic floral shrubbery.

Virginia Wildflower Plots

Driving through Virginia, you will see wildflowers landscapes along the road mediums and right aways. Tall native plants are used to create colorful landscapes that include plants native to either Virginia or the central United States. According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, you can recreate these roadside landscapes by using a combination of black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, corn poppies, cosmos and other native plants. These flowers are grouped together in mass plantings to create large wildflower plots throughout barren areas of a landscape or around vistas or other landscape structures.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

The Virginia Cooperative Extension states that creating backyard wildlife habitats increases property aesthetic as well as provides a low-maintenance way to manage your yard and assist wildlife. There are four basic needs that should be addressed when creating a wildlife landscape: food, water, shelter and space. Food includes berry-producing shrubs such as blueberries, grass, nuts from various trees and an abundant supply of flowering plants. Water can be provided via bird baths or fountains. Shelter includes shrubs, tall plots of wildflower, rocks and birdhouses.

Flowering Tree Gardens

From the Japanese cherry trees around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. to the forsythia-lined drives of regional plantations, Virginia is full of flowering trees and shrubs. Create a flowering tree landscape by incorporating a mix of spring, summer and fall blooming species. Spring-blooming shrubs include azaleas and lilacs. Summer shrubs include hydrangea, weigela and mock orange. Fall-flowering shrubs include forsythia and Rose of Sharon. Plant these shrubs in a cluster to highlight a specific are or line up against a building or driveway.

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