Good Choices of Flowers for Flowerpots in Nebraska

Flowerpot gardening is the most convenient form of container gardening, because, by their nature, flowerpots are portable. They can be moved into or out of the sun, watered when needed and can be brought in when the weather turns cold, which is a plus for the Nebraska gardener. Consider using annuals, flowering perennials and bulbs in flowerpots wherever a splash of color is needed.


Annuals are what we think of most when we think of flowers in pots, according to "Taylor's Master Guide to Gardening." With good reason. Almost any annual will do well in a flowerpot, including hyssop, which enjoy full sun; snapdragon, which are best grown in groups; pot marigold; China aster; morning glory; petunia; geranium; nasturtium; scarlet sage, which is a perennial grown as an annual in colder climates; black-eyed Susan; fuchsia; and globe amaranth.


Perennials planted in flowerpots need to be overwintered, which is good to keep in mind when you are choosing flowers, according to Barbara Ellis in "Taylor's Perennials." For Nebraska's climate, there are a number of flowering perennials that do well in flowerpots, including yarrow, astilbe, blue false indigo, bleeding heart, hybrid daylily, purple coneflower, orange coneflower, bee balm, wedding phlox and speedwell.


Bulbs are another good choice for the Nebraska flowerpot gardener, because hardy bulbs need exposure to several weeks of cold in order to bloom, according to Janet Marinelli in "The Gardener's Desk Reference." Hardy bulbs include crocus, daffodil, Dutch hyacinth, tulip, iris, snowdrop, squill, ornamental onion, glory-of-the-snow, paperwhites and windflower. Tender bulbs are more like houseplants in that they need sufficient light, water and fertilizer. Flowering tender bulbs include lily-of -the-Nile, amaryllis, blood lily, clivia, calla lily, society garlic, wood sorrel, shell ginger, winter red-hot poker, African gardenia, Madagascar jasmine, turmeric, tuberous begonia, scented geraniums and ginger.

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