Gerber Daisy Ideas

With their bold flowers and arching stems, gerbera daisies create a showy display wherever they are used. Gerbera daisies take center stage as a bright centerpiece or when used as a modern piece of decoration. Grown in every color imaginable, gerbera daisies fit well into formal or casual settings, depending on how they're displayed.

Outside Containers

Fill outdoor containers with the bright and ever-colorful gerbera daisy to brighten up the garden. Grown in a wide range of colors including, red, yellow, orange, pink and white, gerbera daisies provide a cheerful splash of color to the landscape. At 12 to 18 inches tall, gerbera daisies create commanding containers along a front walkway for a line of brilliant color. Nestle the containers within an existing perennial garden to add another layer of height. Gerbera daisies require full sun and well-drained soils to thrive.

Bright Arrangements

Gerberas daisies have upright, arching stems that create a streamlined, linear form in a mixed arrangement or used with other gerberas. Tucked in with other flowers, gerbera daisies help to fill out the bouquet with their bold colors and large flowerheads. Used with other bright flower colors like pink, red and orange, the bouquet takes on a fiery, bold design. A simple grouping of one color of gerbera daisy makes a striking bouquet to place as centerpiece for a special occasion or outside at an informal dinner party. Using green filler flowers like ferns mixed with the gerbera daisy creates a simple yet classic arrangement.

Other Decorating Ideas

With their visually appealing shape and color, gerbera daisies can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration. Put one in a a napkin ring at a dinner party to provide a fresh accent to a table setting. The large flowerheads are stunning when used in place of the bow or ribbon on a birthday gift. Scattered around a birthday or wedding cake, gerbera daisies create a whimsical and bold design. Tucked behind an ear as an accessory for a special day or used as a hair accessory at a special occasion, gerbera daisies add a burst of color.

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