Flower Gardening Gifts

Flower gardening is a fulfilling, relaxing hobby for many and a serious venture for others. If you have family or friends who are serious flower gardeners or they think they might want to try their hand at it, you can help them out with some unique flower garden gifts. For a special touch, gift items from your own garden that will help out in theirs, or give them functional gardening tools that you have added your own personal touch.


Harvest seeds from your flowers and preserve them to give as gifts for your family and friends. If you grow flowers from nonhybrid seeds, you can harvest the seeds at the end of the blooming season. Dry the seeds thoroughly, and then store them in a paper envelope in an airtight container. To make the packet of seeds special, make a homemade seed packet out of a plain envelope. You can embellish the envelope with photos, stamps, drawings or scrapbook stickers. Be sure to include instructions on how to plant the seeds.

Potted Flowers

Gift an entire plant. Purchase a perennial plant that will come back year after year, so it can always remind the receiver of you. Pot up a plant out of your own garden. Decorate the pot with personal mementos, such as seashells, photos, ribbons or drawings. One method of decorating a clay pot is to cut sponges into shapes, dip the sponge in paint and then apply it to the pot. Don't forget to include instructions on how to care for the plant.

Garden Basket

A gardening gift basket is always a useful and welcome gift. Large wicker baskets make a great base, as they can be reused for harvesting flowers. Add to the basket a pair of garden gloves and a set of small, hand gardening tools such as a trowel and cultivator. You can also include plant markers, a permanent marker, a decorative garden stone or rain gauge. Garden journals make a nice touch, as they allow the gardener to make notes and record the progress of the flowers as they grow. This is a great way to give your heirloom seeds, also. If you have no idea what type of flowers your recipient would like to plant, include a gift certificate to a local garden center or nursery.

Watering Can

A fun gift that can be personalized is a watering can. There are many different styles of cans on the market, but you can also pick a simple one and decorate it with ribbons, stickers or any other embellishment you can come up with. You could also deliver the watering can with a big bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden. Let your imagination run wild and have some fun.

Dried Flowers

Dry some of your flowers or herbs and give a dried flower bouquet. You can also add some dried flower petals to some homemade potpourri. Place it in a mesh bag or potpourri bowl with a personal note and ribbon.

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