Garden Entrance Ideas

Garden entries help to define each space as it leads into another. An entrance should give visitors the feeling of entering into a private oasis filled with beauty and fragrance. Marking the garden entrance with a dramatic focal point like a trellis or pergola, helps to create a commanding garden display and one that keeps you coming back day after day.

Stone Path

As you enter the garden, a welcoming stone path greets you and beckons you in for a stroll. Made in a wide variety of stone types including, flagstone, slate, brick and granite, stone paths are durable and long-lasting landscape creations. Slate, a classic path stone, when laid together creates a mosaic-style path and one that hugs the natural curves of the earth and takes advantage of twists and turns. Each piece, when cracked, forms smaller pieces that are ideal nestled in hard-to-reach areas of the stone path, where a large piece won't fit. The earth colors of slate are deep and rich: grays, blues, browns and tans swirl around slate and when wet, deepen to a rich, gem-like quality. In between slate, add vibrant creeping plants like thyme and blue star creeper. Each will meander around the slate to help define the path with their creeping tendrils.

Vine-Covered Arbor

Create height in the garden entrance with a vine-covered arbor. Made from different materials including, wood and metal, arbors make for a commanding landscape presence. As a vertical structure, arbors are a platform for growing colorful creeping vines like jasmine and trumpet vines. Planted at the base of the arbor, the vines' natural ability to grow towards the sun means the arbor is covered quickly. Fast-growing vines like bougainvillea grow 10 to 15 feet tall and have bright bloom that grow in a wide range of colors including, pink, yellow, orange and white. Filling the garden with its masses of bright blooms, bougainvillea creates a lush, exotic feel to the garden entry.

Evergreen Trees

Flank a garden entrance with upright evergreen trees. With their ability to keep their needles and color all year long, including winter, evergreen trees help to provide a constant source of vibrancy throughout the garden. Plant tall, upright and slender evergreen trees like the Italian cypress. The dark green foliage and columnar shape is a striking when planted on either side of the garden for a grand entrance. Italian cypress trees grow 20 to 30 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide. Their moderate growth rate and medium to fine texture creates an ideal evergreen tree that keeps the garden looking fresh all year long.

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