Easy Garden Craft Ideas

A garden filled with whimsical designs and colorful crafts makes an impression. Easy garden craft projects such as painted planters or copper ornaments add distinctive style to your outdoor space. Open your imagination and discover ways to create an enchanting garden, even when the flowers aren't blooming.

Easy Planter Crafts

Terra cotta planters can be the building blocks for a variety of easy garden crafts. Two same size planters fit together at the rims or at the base to make a stand for plants, gazing balls or other garden sculptures. Add a terra cotta plant saucer to the top of the stand to make a birdbath or a bird feeder. Glue the planters together with waterproof construction adhesive. Decorate the terra cotta planters with acrylic paints, mosaic tiles or other embellishments before or after you build the project.

Easy Concrete Crafts

Make your own stepping stones or concrete planters with concrete topping mix, a release agent and a mold. Topping mix is best for artistic projects, as there are no stones in the mix so the finish is smooth. Follow the directions on the bag to mix the concrete. A release agent for concrete projects can be non-stick cooking spray, vegetable oil or a commercially available product designed specifically for the task. Stepping stone molds are also commercially available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you can use the bottom of a plastic gallon milk jug or any shallow container. Stepping stones should be around 2 inches thick; decorate them with tiles and glass cabochons to add color to the garden. It's also easy to make a concrete planter using two different sized bowls as the mold. Cover the inside of the largest bowl with a release agent and pour a 2-inch layer of concrete into the bowl. Cover the outside of the smaller bowl with a release agent, and set it inside the large bowl. Fill the space between the outside of the smaller bowl and the inside of the large bowl with more concrete.

Easy Copper Foil Crafts

Cut a whimsical garden ornament from a roll of copper foil to hang from a tree or plant in the garden. Trace a design onto the foil, and cut it out with sharp scissors. Get creative with strands of beads, crystal prisms, acrylic paint or other embellishments to give the copper ornament personality. Puncture a hole in the top of the design and thread a strand of thin copper wire to make a hanger. Another easy copper foil craft to make for the garden are plant identification tags. Cut out small copper foil shapes, and write the names of plants on one side with tiny glass beads. Outline the letters in clear waterproof adhesive, and then cover the glue with the tiny beads. Tiny no-hole beads or seed beads available at most craft stores work well for this project.

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