How to Cut a Star Fruit


Star fruit, also known as caramnbola, grows into a greenish-yellow to yellow fruit measuring 2.5 to 5 inches long. The name of this tropical fruit comes from the natural star shape exposed when you cut the fruit. Depending on the variety of star fruit grown, the flavor can taste sweet or tart with hints of lemon, plum and pineapple. For sweetness and optimum flavor, look for the following star-fruit varieties: Arkin, Fwang-Tung, Kary, Lara and Sri Kembangan, according to the University of Florida. Enjoy your star fruit fresh, juiced or in salads to provide 20 percent of your daily vitamin C in ½ cup of fruit, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Step 1

Wait until the star fruit turns completely yellow in the valleys between the ribs on the tree before harvesting. Look for light green rib tips, known as fins, to indicate when the fruit has properly ripened but lightly browned fins do not affect the taste of the fruit.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash with soap and water and dry the exterior of the star fruit to remove dirt and any pesticides or herbicides used in the garden.

Step 3

Lay the star fruit on its side on a cutting board.

Step 4

Cut the fruit crosswise, across its width, to produce five-pointed stars slices.

Step 5

Use the cut star fruit slices fresh in salads, as garnishes for desserts or in your favorite recipe.

Things You'll Need

  • Star fruit
  • Soapy water
  • Sharp knife


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