How to Look for a Dwarf Hass Avocado Tree


Avocado fruit dates back thousands of years before it was domesticated. Also known as alligator pears, avocados add an element of rich nutrition to your diet and can be grown at home. The Hass avocado is the most popular variety and is usually the only one sold at supermarkets. Finding a dwarf Hass avocado tree entails tracking one down at local nurseries or searching gardening events until you can find one to plant on your own patio and harvest.

Step 1

Check your local nursery first for any true dwarf Hass avocado trees, which is a miniature version of the Hass variety that still produces the same fruit. At nurseries, the dwarf Hass may be called a Wertz, Littlecado or Minicado.

Step 2

Contact specialized avocado nurseries in the area or surrounding cities to see if any dwarf Hass varieties are coming onto the market (new hybrid varieties pop up occasionally).

Step 3

Search for dwarf Hass avocado trees at rare plant sales or at farmer's markets, particularly in California and particularly in San Diego, where about 60 percent of the state's avocados are grown.


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