Yardman Lawn Mower New Blade Installation


Installing a new mower is a straight forward process, however you must make sure that the blade is on correctly. The mower blade has two slightly curved ends, which must be pointing in the correct direction to cut the lawn properly. The Yardman lawn mower also uses a blade safety bell, which is the oblong piece that was on the old blade, to help secure the blade to the motor shaft. Once you install the new blade correctly you will have your Yardman mowing again.

Step 1

Find the portion of the blade that has the word "Bottom" or the serial number. This is the part of the blade that must point away from the mower deck when installing.

Step 2

Slide the blade over the mower shaft and ensure that the blade seats inside the adapter between the mower deck and the blade.

Step 3

Place the Yardman blade bell over the blade and seat the two protruding notches into the two small holes in the blade. The is the oblong metal piece with two small protruding notches on one side.

Step 4

Insert the hex bolt into the motor shaft and tighten with a socket wrench to secure the mower blade.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement mower blade
  • Socket wrench set


  • Manuals Online: Yardman Lawn Mower Owners Manual pp11
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