How to Trim Money Trees


A "money tree" is a braided ficus. You grow and prune a money tree like you would any other ficus. Because the money tree is braided, however, you will need to make sure that you do not over-prune one trunk and under-prune another. While working with a braided ficus money tree, prune evenly on all of the braided trunks. Pruning and maintaining your money tree is not difficult.

Step 1

Remove any dead or dying branches. Although these branches are dead, they use up growth resources that the tree could use to create new leaves and growth.

Step 2

Trim any new branches on the tree that are growing downward to maintain the round, bushy top of your money tree.

Step 3

Prune from the bottom up on your tree and from the inside out. Remove branches that cross or are at unnatural-looking angles.

Step 4

Create an open, airy feeling to your tree with enough space for light to reach the innermost leaves.

Things You'll Need

  • Money tree
  • Sharp scissors or pruning shears
  • Bonsai wire (optional)


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