Frequently Asked Questions About Zoysia Sod

Landscapers prize zoysiagrass for the way it forms a dense, weed-resistant turf surface. It's also very tolerant of drought conditions, which makes it ideal for warm climates, according to the University of Missouri. There are three main types of zoysiagrass: Zoysia matrella, Z. tenuifolia and Z. japonica, according to Texas A&M University. Gardeners raising zoysiagrass often have several common questions regarding its care and control, regardless of the specific species.

How Much Sun Does Zoysiagrass Need?

Though zoysiagrass can tolerate shade, shaded zoysia grass grows thin and patchy. For the best results, choose a site that receives approximately eight hours of direct sun per day, according to the University of Missouri.

How Do I Lay Zoysia Sod?

Gardeners should prepare the sod bed by removing all surface vegetation and debris then breaking up the soil to a depth of 4 to 5 inches. Though zoysia tolerates all types of soil, including poor soil conditions, mixing in a couple inches of aged compost can increase the moisture retention ability of the dirt and encourage a healthier future lawn. The University of Missouri recommends moistening the soil lightly to encourage rooting, then laying the sod strips tightly together so no bare soil shows through. Tamp down the freshly laid sod to finish the installation. This helps ensure the sod's roots are against the bare soil.

How Often Do I Mow Zoysiagrass?

Mow the zoysiagrass every two weeks or as needed to keep the lawn at a height of approximately 2 inches, according to the University of Missouri. The university suggests increasing this height to 1 inch at the start of fall before bringing the height back down in the spring. This gives the lawn the extra foliage it needs for adequate winter dormancy. If it's newly laid sod, the University of California suggests waiting three weeks before mowing or until the sod is rooted. Test rooting by grabbing the sod and pulling upward; it's rooted if it resists.

How Much Do I Water Zoysiagrass?

Water new sod once a day during the its first 14 days after being laid. A consistently moist turf is required for adequate rooting of new sod. Decrease watering once the sod is rooted. The Alabama Cooperative Extension office recommends applying water only on an as-needed. Hold off on watering until the grass shows limited signs of dehydration, such as wilting. Moisten the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches to encourage deep root growth. The cooperative extension says this equates to approximately 3/4 inches of water on the soil surface, or 232.5 gallons for every 500 square feet of lawn.

How Do I Kill Zoysiagrass?

Killing zoysiagrass may be necessary if you choose to renovate your lawn to make room for new vegetation or if you want to plant a different type of grass. Spraying zoysiagrass with a glyphosate herbicide is the best method of killing it, according to the University of Minnesota. Apply herbicides according to their labeled guidelines since toxicity varies by product.

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