How to Cut From a Fig Tree


Fig tree limbs are cut for a variety of reasons including pruning, shaping and for propagation. Like most trees, there is a right way and a wrong way to cut from a fig tree. Doing it the right way and the tree will thrive; doing it the wrong may cause the death of the tree. With a bit of advance planning and the right equipment, you can easily cut from a fig tree the right way.

Step 1

Prune the fig tree while it is dormant. This is best accomplished in the late fall after the leaves have fallen from the tree. While the fig can be pruned year-round, doing so while it is dormant will increase the fig's ability to heal itself.

Step 2

Use pruning shears to cut limbs just above the nodes on the limbs. These nodes are where secondary limbs jut out from the original limb or branch. If you want to remove the entire branch, cut just below the node.

Step 3

Apply wound-healing compound to all cut sections of the tree. This will prevent infection and allow the tree to heal.

Step 4

Dip the cut end of small stems, pencil to finger size, in rooting hormone and plant in 4-inch pots with a good quality potting soil. Water the soil until it is moist to the touch. Keep the stems in a warm, sunny area and allow them to take root.

Step 5

Cut away any dead wood from the fig tree, using the above method, to promote fruit health.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Wound healing compound for trees
  • Rooting hormone (optional)
  • 4-inch planting containers (optional)
  • Potting soil (optional)


  • Alabama Cooperative Extension: Fig Production Guide
  • Fort Valley State University: Pruning Fig Trees (PDF)
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