Basic Vegetable Garden Layout Tools

Planning your vegetable garden is important for the success of your plants and crop. It is necessary to plan which type of garden tools that you will need before you begin the planting process. There are a variety of gardening tools that are available that can help you create a healthy, thriving garden. Take the time to gather the appropriate materials and tools to set up your space and enjoy a successful gardening experience.

Wheel Barrow

To begin your garden, you will need to use compost and soil that has plenty of nutrients to feed your plants. A wheel barrow will be useful as you transport both the soil and compost back and forth.

Fencing and Netting

When your garden is in its early stages, it is important to protect the seedlings. If you suspect that animals or children will be nearby your garden, protect the area with fencing or wire to keep them out. You can also use noisemakers such as pie plates tied to stakes that will scare away birds or other interested animals who enjoy nibbling on plants. Netting is another useful tool to keep birds away as well.

Pitchfork and Trowel

As your garden begins to grow, it will be important to remove weeds. Weeds and other unwanted wild plants will take necessary nutrients and moisture away from your vegetable plants. A fork and trowel will be helpful when you transplant and for removing unwanted weeds.

Stakes and Garden Lines

Plan your garden visually by placing stakes in the assigned plots for each vegetable plant row. Different colored stakes or empty vegetable seed packets attached to each one can help you identify each plot when the plants are at their earliest stages.

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