Sources of Plant Growth Lights

Growth lights, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, add supplemental light and warmth for indoor plants and greenhouses. From simple, single-plant spot lights and standard fluorescent fixtures to high-output bulbs and complete growth light systems, you can create a lighting system that allows your indoor plants and flowers to get all the light they need for successful growth.

Garden Centers

Garden centers at home improvement stores and major discount retailers carry individual growth lights, lighting systems and supplies. While selection may be limited, this is an affordable option when your gardening budget is tight.

Garden Supply Companies

Both online and brick and mortar garden supply companies provide a large selection of individual lights, growth light systems and components that allow you to create your own lighting arrangements.

Nurseries and Greenhouses

Local plant nurseries and greenhouses sometimes offer a selection of growth light products. Call a few to ask specifically which products they carry.

Used Options

Online, check out sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or other auction sites for deals on growth lights. Locally, look at the Classifieds section of your local newspapers or buy/sell/trade publications offered in your area.

Garage Sales and Auctions

Another useful resource for used growth lights is local garage sales and estate auctions. This may be the most time-consuming way to locate the lighting you need, but can result in significant savings.

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