How to Start an MTD Mower


Lawn care involves many tasks like watering and fertilizing and, of course, mowing. For small to medium-size yards, a push-style MTD-brand rotary lawn mower is an economical pick. These mowers have low maintenance requirements and start easy. To operate an MTD lawn mower, familiarize yourself with the operation manual to ensure safe operation of this piece of equipment.

Step 1

Grasp the spark plug wire and push it onto the spark plug. Ensure the metal cap of the spark plug wire is firmly seated on the metal tip of the spark plug.

Step 2

Check the safety switch to verify that it is properly grounded and connected to the engine.

Step 3

Move the choke lever to the choke position if your engine has a choke. If your engine needs to be primed, prime it according to the operation manual.

Step 4

Move the throttle lever to the "Fast" or "On" position. This lever is located on the engine.

Step 5

Go behind the unit and grasp the starter handle. Squeeze the starter handle so that it rests against the regular handle. This will allow the engine to be started. Grasp the pull rope and pull it out slowly until you meet slight resistance.

Step 6

Pull the rope with a firm and continuous stroke while keeping a firm grip on the starter handle. Slowly let the rope back into the engine. Repeat until the engine starts.

Step 7

Move the choke slowly to the "Run" position after your engine is started.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never run your engine indoors. This will lead to a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide gases.


  • Manuals Online: MTD Operator's Manual
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