How to Care for Indoor Gerber Daisies


Gerbera daisies, or gerberas, are often grown as outdoor perennials in very warm regions, but treated as annuals in the north. Even so, these South African natives seem to prefer the great outdoors to being potted and grown as short-lived specimen house plants. If you care for it properly, you can expect your indoor gerber daisy to bloom happily and bring bright, cheerful color into your home for about 6 weeks.

Step 1

Situate your gerber daisy near a sunny window where it will receive the highest quantity of the very brightest light available all day.

Step 2

Provide the plant with a constant warm temperature of about 65 to 70 degrees F.

Step 3

Water gerberas just enough to keep the soil evenly moist. Don't allow them to become soggy or waterlogged. These plants don't like wet feet.

Step 4

Mist the gerber daisy's foliage twice weekly with warm water. Don't spritz any water on the blooms.

Step 5

Feed the gerbera an all-purpose water-soluble liquid fertilizer for blooming plants once every other week while it's blooming. Follow the packaging instructions carefully.

Step 6

Deadhead gerber daisies when blooms wilt and fade. Snip the flower head from the stalk with sharp, clean scissors.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose water-soluble liquid fertilizer for blooming plants
  • Sharp, clean scissors


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