Ideas for Window Boxes on Small Patios

Small patios can be forgotten spaces for the uninspired, but adding a bit of drama and color to your patio means expanding your living space during the warmer summer season. Window boxes work well for a small patio as you can hang them from railings or set them on narrow tables to minimize the impact they have on the limited space. Coordinated plantings tie the space together and result in a relaxing space you can call your own.

Herb Window Box

A small patio is a good place for a window box herb garden, while several boxes around the patio will provide an assortment of fresh herbs throughout the season. With lush green foliage and a variety of heights and spread sizes, an herb garden is both beautiful and aromatic, filling a small patio with color and sweet smells. Select a variety of herbs you'll use either fresh or dried, such as peppermint, basil, thyme, cilantro, oregano, rosemary and lavender. Many herbs have delicate flowers that break up the varied leaf styles and give your herb window boxes an organic look.

Desert Theme Window Box

Perfect for a small patio in full sun, cactus and succulent window boxes mean little tending and lots of variety in size shape and color. Plant a few succulent boxes with aloe, jade, hens and chicks and pachyveria to get height and trailing over the edges of the window boxes. Use a soil mix for succulent plants and check the plants' light requirements. Fill up a few window boxes with small cactus plants such as prickly pear, "old man" cactus, melocactus, echinocereus and ferocactus or simply go to your garden store and gather up a wide variety of flowering and drum cactus plants to fill your boxes. Use cactus soil and top off with 1/2 inch of sand or decorative gravel to dress it up.

Wildflowers Window Box

Dress up a small urban patio with window boxes filled to capacity with wildflowers to transform the space from a city view to a country dwelling. Consider planting some daisies, black eyed Susan's, blue flax or aster, depending on your region and mix tall, standing plants with lower hanging plants to add variety and depth. Maintain the wildflower window boxes by dead-heading the flowers to keep the blooming plants tidy and neat.

Miniature Rose Garden Window Box

Create a beautiful blooming view with classic miniature rose plants in window boxes. With their English garden look, miniature rose plants come in many colors, including golden orange, red, pink and yellow and can have a big impact on a small patio space. Usually blooming spring through fall, miniature rose plants need humidity and do best with a touch of fertilizer and good drainage.

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