Gifts for Indoor Gardeners

Growing plants indoors is a nice way to bring a little nature inside. Indoor gardening can be simple--a few small houseplants placed around the home, or it can be quite extensive, with artificial lighting and hydroponic environments. No matter what the level of indoor gardening, gift ideas for the home gardener are plentiful.

Self-watering Devices

Providing water to indoor plants is challenging when people aren't home to monitor and water their plants. Several types of self-watering devices exist and make very useful gifts for people who love their houseplants, but also love to travel. Simple, but decorative water globes that hold water in a reservoir and slowly release it to the potted plan's soil are one option. Probes are another type of self-watering device. Probes are usually ceramic cones with thin tubing attached, which draw water from a separate container. For large indoor pots, or those inside closed-in sunrooms, screw-on cones that attach to 2-liter bottles would be useful, although not particularly decorative, gifts.

Window Gardening Kits

Window gardening is a fun way to garden indoors. All sorts of kits make great gifts for the indoor gardener: those for herbs, flowering bulbs and even mushrooms. Indoor herb garden kits that contain all the items necessary to grow fresh herbs for your kitchen are a great gift idea, especially for someone new to growing plants indoors. Once the gardener grows a few items successfully, her confidence will increase and she will be encouraged to continue indoor gardening. Kits for growing fresh herbs and other edible plants are health-conscious gift ideas.

Indoor Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. For someone with little outdoor garden space, or for someone who can no longer tend outdoor gardens, hydroponic kits are a useful gift idea. Kits are available with every aspect of hydroponics covered--the nutrient solution, proper lighting and even which seeds to use. With hydroponics, an indoor gardener can grow produce for fresh salads year-round. If the person on your gift list is already a seasoned hydroponics pro, find out where he likes to shop for his supplies and purchase a gift card for him there.


Decorative containers make thoughtful gifts for the indoor gardener--especially if it comes with an ornamental flowering plant (with instructions for its growth). Another idea is to create an indoor gardener's "gift basket" of just the container filled with horticultural items like houseplant fertilizer, decorative plant name labels and a mister to provide humidity to potted houseplants. Some containers are especially suited for indoor gardening because of self-watering features. Very ornamental containers or small tables and racks for displaying houseplants are other ideas for those who don't like to spend a lot on themselves. Pretty pottery is much more elegant in the home than the plastic pots in which the plants were sold.

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