How to Make a Self Watering Hanging Basket


Hanging baskets shine in high places. Unfortunately, roof and ceiling locations complicate the watering process. Self-watering hanging baskets provide a reprieve from complicated watering, as the plant slowly drinks in existing fluids over a long period of time. They keep your plants moist and hydrated during vacations as well, making them a necessity for frequent travelers. Transform existing hanging baskets into self-watering hanging baskets by adding moisture-wicking terra cotta pots.

Step 1

Choose a plastic hanging basket. Measure your hanging basket's diameter. Choose a terra cotta pot with a diameter 2 to 3 inches smaller than your hanging basket.

Step 2

Scrub the outside of your terra cotta pot with steel wool to remove any water-tight coating. Pay special attention to the bottom as a rough surface helps the epoxy hold better.

Step 3

Open your tube of epoxy resin and pierce the tube's protective metal seal. Squeeze a 1/2-inch wide bead of resin around the bottom of your terra cotta pot at the outside edge. Apply two beads if your tube has a small opening and produces a thin bead. Apply enough resin to create a water-tight seal.

Step 4

Press the terra cotta pot into the plastic pot. Press firmly to create a water-tight seal. Allow the resin to cure according to the package directions.

Step 5

Pour water into the space between the side walls of the two pots to test the water-tight seal. Look and feel for water through the terra cotta pot's drainage hole. If If you find water, drain it off through the terra cotta pot's drainage hole. Allow the pot to dry out completely and add more resin until the seal doesn't leak.

Step 6

Fill the terra cotta pot's drainage hole with resin. This keeps mold and bacteria from forming under the pot due to escaped soil and moisture. Allow it to cure according to the package directions.

Step 7

Fill the terra cotta pot with soil and plants. Fill the space between the side walls of the planters with water. The terra cotta pot allows moisture to seep into the soil at a slow and consistent rate. Replenish the water supply when only a few inches of water remain.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic hanging basket
  • Terra cotta pot
  • 1 tube pre-mixed epoxy resin
  • Steel wool


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