How to Repair Drip Irrigation Systems


Drip irrigation is a method of slowly dispersing water to plants through hoses with tiny pores. These pores slowly release water into the surrounding soil, saving water. Once a drip irrigation system is in place, little maintenance is required besides annual flushing. However, when a problem occurs, finding leaks can be difficult if the piping is underground, or if the hole is tiny. Repairing, once the drip is found, is as simple as changing out hoses.

Step 1

Walk around your garden looking for large rings of moist soil. If it is only in one place, the leak is likely in that area. Look for small geysers of water coming up from the dirt as well.

Step 2

Dig into the dirt in the location of the damaged hose.

Step 3

Cut the section of hosing that has burst and place a plastic union jack on each piece of hose that is open. Measure the gap and cut a new piece of hosing large enough to fill that gap. Place the new, cut piece of hose onto each of the plastic union jacks.

Step 4

Turn on the water at the source valve and check for leaks in your new hose fitting. Check the pressure of the system to make sure it is forcing enough water through.

Step 5

Bury your new connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Shovel
  • Hole plug
  • Plastic union fitting


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