New Innovative Tools for the Yard

In any hands-on project, the tools you use help to determine the difficulty of completing a task, and gardening is no different. Innovative gardening tools can give you the option of using new techniques to accomplish old tasks, potentially saving you hours of work and making gardening more enjoyable than ever.

Garden Spork

The garden spork is a synthesis of a garden spade and a pitchfork, and is able to accomplish many of the tasks of both. It can be used to dig like a spade, but its tough serrated edge cuts through roots in a way many spades can't. Its slats also lighten the weight of the spork, making it more manageable than many spades. The Garden Spork can also be used to riddle turf, fork weeds and rake furrows or dig holes for seeds like a spade. Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd 40, Davenant Road Oxford OX2 8BY United Kingdom 011-44-1865-512561

Hula Hoe

The hula hoe, by the Gardener's Supply Company, will simplify weeding, something any gardener can appreciate. Also called a stirrup hoe, the hula hoe has a metal stirrup attached to the end of along handle. The gardener digs the stirrup under the surface of the earth and pushes it forward or pulls it back by the handle. Directly below the surface, the hoe slices through the roots of weeds in its path, making them easy to pick up and remove. This tool can eliminate the need to dig out each weed by hand, which saves a lot of work in large gardens. The Gardener's Supply Co. 888-833-1412

Mesh Bin

Recycling containers and trash bins used for hauling yard waste are bulky and cumbersome, and do nothing but sit around taking up space when they aren't being used. The Toro Collapsible Multi-Purpose Mesh Bucket provides a more efficient solution for yard hauling. This 43-gallon mesh container can be collapsed to just 3 inches high for easy storage. It is self-standing, mildew resistant and convenient. The mesh bucket includes four cushioned handles and a padded shoulder strap to make carrying a breeze. Because the mesh allows airflow, the bucket will drain and dry on its own, lightening the load and discouraging rot of plant material. Ace Hardware 866-290-5334

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