Tips on Buying a Push Lawn Mower

Buying the right push lawn mower turns grass cutting into an easy, enjoyable task instead of a cumbersome chore. Today's mowers come with a variety of features to create and maintain beautiful lawns. Planning ahead makes shopping for a lawn mower shopping painless.

Price Range

As of 2010, according to Consumer Research, brand new push lawn mowers can range in price from $125 to $400. Set a budget and stick with it. Purchase in the late fall or early spring to get the best selection, and comparison shop for the best local deals.

Used Versus New

One way to save money on a push lawn mower is to buy one that has been refurbished. Refurbished equipment operates like new, but usually without a warranty. When homeowners upgrade mowers, they often sell their old mowers. Examine all the parts and test the equipment before you make the final purchase.


Examine the handle of the push lawn mower. Ideally, it should adjust to a position that is comfortable for you to push. If several people will use the mower, have each person adjust the handle to make certain it will fit properly. Some push lawn mowers have ergonomically designed handles to make pushing more comfortable and less stressful.


A push lawn mower will not do any good if you cannot start it. Consider an electric starter if you have trouble pulling or have weak arms. Using a pull start can be a little tricky and frustrating.


Self-propelled push lawn mowers save the operator energy. Consider a self-propelled feature if you have trouble pushing, or if you have weak arms or a weak back. Homeowners with large yards or hills benefit from using self-propelled mowers.


Consider the option of a bagger feature. Use clippings as mulch or for home composting. According to American Lawns, baggers behind the mower are easiest to use. Side baggers can make it difficult to mow in certain areas of the yard.

Blade Adjustment

Set the blades to different heights before you buy the mower. The key is to find a push lawn mower that adjusts easily for you. Grass height adjustments are common during the growing season. A mower that is easy to adjust will save you frustration and time.

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