How to Make Hanging Baskets of Flowers


Flowers enhance various types of landscapes with their color and beauty. Although many types of flowers thrive and flourish in flowerbeds, several varieties look nice in hanging baskets. Use hanging baskets to emphasize areas above patios and porches. Hanging baskets of flowers allow homeowners and apartment dwellers to maintain small areas of mass plantings, while enjoying the appearance and scent of homegrown flowers. Make some hanging baskets to add splashes of seasonal color near your home.

Step 1

Select some baskets to use as hanging plant containers. Look for sturdy baskets with thick weaves to contain the weight of your flowers and soil. Choose baskets with wide openings to provide plenty of surface soil.

Step 2

Purchase annual, flowering plants suitable for container gardening. Hanging baskets emphasize the trailing growth of flowering ground covers and vines. Select a variety of these types of plants, such as lobelia, sweet pea and ivy geranium, to spill over the edges of your hanging baskets. Include upright varieties like petunias, impatiens and begonias, to fill in the inner sections of your baskets.

Step 3

Place plastic flowerpots with drip pans inside your baskets. Press sphagnum moss in spaces between the outside of the flowerpots and the inside of the baskets. This moss holds the pots firmly in place, while providing necessary humidity to your flowering plants. Look for sphagnum moss in gardening centers and florist shops.

Step 4

Fill the pots about two-thirds of the way up with average potting soil. Remove your small plants from their containers and place on top of the soil. Lay trailing varieties of flowers and ground covers against the rims of the pots, placing their leaves and stems over the rims of the pots. Place taller varieties of plants toward the inside. Set your medium, upright plants in the area between the trailing varieties and the taller plants. Fit up to five small plants in 8-inch baskets and up to eight plants in 10-inch baskets. Fill in gaps with potting soil, and tamp down firmly to settle the soil. Apply enough water to moisten all areas of the soil in each basket.

Step 5

Place your planted baskets inside your plant hangers, making sure the baskets set evenly in the hangers. Attach the hangers to porches or structures in sunny areas of your yard. Keep the soil slightly moist to encourage healthy growth and blossoms.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not place hanging flowers in areas subject to strong winds.

Things You'll Need

  • Baskets
  • Flowering plants
  • Plastic flowerpots
  • Drip pans
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Potting soil
  • Plant hangers
  • Water


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