How to Collect White Bird of Pradise Seeds


The white bird of paradise is a favorite of gardeners who appreciate large and unusual flowers. A unique beauty, the white bird has blue and white flowers and can reach up to 25 feet in height. So it is no wonder that its seeds are highly sought after for propagation. And because the bird of paradise's seeds are as large as peas and available in easy to access pods, collecting them is a snap.

Step 1

Identify the healthiest flowers on your white bird of paradise. Then wait for those flowers to wilt, die and reveal the brown seed pods on their interior. Once these seed pods have dried out completely they are ready for harvest.

Step 2

Snap the dried seed pods off of the bird of paradise with your hand.

Step 3

Break the seed pod open and collect the white bird of paradise seeds.

Step 4

Plant the seeds immediately. Or, store them in a cool, dry spot with plenty of air circulation.


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