How to Plant Moss Roses


Moss rose, otherwise known as portulaca, is an ideal choice for rock gardens, planting around tulips and daffodils and as an edging plant. This heat-loving flower stays small, often only achieving 6 inches in height. The moss rose will spread about a foot to cover the ground, bringing bright red, orange or white blooms that look like miniature roses. Moss rose likes a well-drained flower bed, so choose it if you have a sandy plot of land that needs some color.

Step 1

Dig a hole in a sunny, well-drained spot to plant your moss rose seedlings. Place one trowel full of compost in the bottom of each hole before transplanting the seedlings. Put each moss rose about 6 inches from all the other plants, to give the branches room to spread out.

Step 2

Plant your portulaca seedlings at the same depth in which they were originally growing. Press the soil firmly around the stem to ensure that it is securely planted and won't tip over when watered.

Step 3

Water the plants until the ground is saturated. After plants begin to bloom, pinch off dead flowers to make sure that the plants continue to create more.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Moss rose seedlings
  • Compost


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