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Many gardeners dig the same plot of land every spring and plant the same flowers in the same place every year. Change things up in your garden and you may get a pleasant surprise. Moving your vegetable plot allows the plants to grow where nutrients haven't been depleted, so they may be more vigorous. Different flower ideas can change the look of your home more than you'd expect. Change is good, especially in nature. Embrace some change in your gardening habits.

Surprise Garden Spots

Give your regular garden plot a rest this year and spread the planting out all over your property. Plant a multitude of mini-gardens instead of one large garden. Place six or eight cornstalks in a corner of the yard. Fit carrot and radish seeds among the petunias in your flower beds. Grow four tomato plants along the back of the house and fit pepper plants along the front walk. Use vegetables as decoration as much as for food crops and you'll get double duty out of your plants.

Line the Fence

Choose a large variety of vining vegetable plants and grow them all along your chain link fence. Dig a garden row directly beneath the fence, digging about 8 inches out from the fence. Plant a series of tomatoes, peas, pole beans, summer squash and miniature melons. Use slices of used pantyhose to gently tie the heavier vines and plants to the fencing. The leaves will cover the fence in an attractive green color and the food will grow up off the ground and out of the mud.

Personalized Pumpkins

Personalize your pumpkins to decorate your property or to delight your children. When pumpkins are small and the skin is still soft, use sharp skewers to scratch designs into the pumpkin skin. Create curves, swirls, paisley designs, tattoos or words on the pumpkin faces. The scratches will heal up and the skin will retain the design in a raised pattern while it grows.

"Screened In" Porch

Stick pushpins into the edge of a porch roof. Push craft sticks into the ground, with one stick beneath each pushpin. Tie cotton twine from each stick to its corresponding pushpin. Plant vining flowers like sweet peas, clematis, morning glories or moonflowers around each stick. The vines will grow up the strings and create a colorful enclosure around your porch. You will have a leafy and flowery screen to surround you and give you privacy all summer long.

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