Amaryllis Hints

Amaryllis are great for bringing cheerful, colorful blooms inside your home nearly any time of the year, even in the depths of winter. They are low maintenance and don't require any special treatment to force a bloom. Amaryllis also take up only a small amount of space and don't require frequent watering or fertilization. Although they are easy to care for, taking a few extra steps can result in a healthier plant and longer-lasting blooms.

Pot Size

Amaryllis should be grown in a fairly small pot. Choose a pot or container that will leave about 1 inch between the sides of the Amaryllis bulb and the sides of the pot. A pot that is 1 to 2 inches larger than the bulb is ideal.

Planting Depth

When planting an Amaryllis bulb, don't bury it completely. The bulb should be placed only about half-way into the soil, with the top half of the bulb sitting above the top of the soil. The bulb can be planted slightly deeper, if necessary, but at least the top third should remain uncovered.


Amaryllis require excellent drainage. If left in standing water or soggy soil, the bulb will begin to rot and the entire plant will die. When planting, make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes. Line the bottom of the pot or container with small stones, and use a soil or soil mixture that provides good drainage. Adding sand to the soil can help with drainage.


Don't over-water an amaryllis. It's better to let the plant get a little too dry than to have it stand in water. Give the amaryllis water only after checking the soil. Wait until the soil is dry on the top, and no longer moist, before watering.

Long Lasting Blooms

Once the bloom appears, make it last longer by giving it a little extra care. Carefully remove the anthers using tweezers. Also, keep the plant cool as much as possible be placing it in indirect light and moving it to a cool place at night.

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