How to Find the Fuel Filter in a Yardman Lawn Mower


Yardman riding mowers use an inline fuel filter to keep debris and contaminants out of your carburetor. The push lawn mowers do not have a fuel filter. The inline fuel filter acts like the fuel filter on your car. It filters out impurities that may be in your fuel tank before the fuel reaches the carburetor. Stalling, rough starting and hesitation are all signs that the fuel filter needs replacing. Replacement fuel filters are available at home improvement centers.

Step 1

Park the Yardman mower on level ground and engage the brake. Pull the ignition key out.

Step 2

Go to the fuel tank on your model. Most Yardman fuel tanks are inside the engine compartment, while some models have a fuel tank in the rear of the mower under the seat.

Step 3

Locate the outgoing fuel line from the fuel tank going to the carburetor. The fuel line will be toward the bottom of the fuel tank.

Step 4

Follow the fuel line until you find the fuel filter. The filter will resemble a plastic can connecting to the fuel line.

Things You'll Need

  • Yardman lawn tractor


  • Manuals Online
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