Which Tomato Plants Grow Best in Pots?

Quite a few varieties of tomato plants are well-suited to growing in pots. The key to selecting tomatoes for a container garden is to choose types that are on the small side. These plants will not require the amount of nutrients that larger varieties need to produce mature fruit, and grow well in three- to five-gallon pots.

Patio Hybrid Tomatoes

Patio Hybrid tomatoes were specially bred to grow in containers. The compact plants grow to about two feet tall. Their fruit are about the size of tennis balls and, though the plant is a determinate, quite plentiful. It's important to stake Patio Hybrids so that the weight of the tomatoes doesn't tip over the pot. From the time of planting, it takes about 70 days for fruit to develop and ripen.

Small Fry Tomatoes

Small Fry tomatoes grow best in Midwestern climates. The plant will be two to four feet tall when it's fully grown, and the fruit matures about 65 days after planting the seedling. Small Frys, which are determinate, produce clusters of small fruit. Growers often plant this tomato variety in hanging baskets as well as containers on the ground.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim tomato plants are a good choice for just about any climate. The plants reach one to two feet tall at full maturity and will produce ripe fruit within 45 to 55 days. The one-inch tomatoes that pop up on the determinate Tiny Tim are often used in sauces and salads. Seaweed fertilizer can help give this tomato variety the boost it needs to thrive.

Red Robin Tomatoes

Red Robin tomato plants are a super-dwarf variety that stretch only about six inches tall. The squat plant resembles a bush more closely than a vine, and its one-inch tomatoes lack the sweet flavor that many cherry tomatoes offer. Red Robin plants require no supports and can grow in small pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. If placed in front of a window during winter months, this determinate variety can even grow indoors.

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