How to Put Up Climbing Roses


Roses add beauty and splendor to many garden settings. These attractive plants grow in a variety of sizes and shapes. Climbing roses provide a dense screen of blossoms and foliage against buildings and fences and along the sides of arbors, trellises and walls. These climbing varieties require supporting structures to keep them upright. Enjoy some climbing roses in your landscape by offering them a suitable support to ensure healthy and attractive blossoms.

Step 1

Provide a suitable support for your climbing roses. These plants produce heavy stems and canes as they grow and mature. Select a sturdy support that requires very little care, such as a section of vinyl lattice, weather-resistant wood trellis or a heavy-gauge wire fence. Do not use untreated wood that will weather and rot. Attach your support to a nearby structure or set it firmly in the ground or in concrete. When setting next to a structure, allow a few feet of space between the trellis and the structure for air circulation and pruning.

Step 2

Plant your climbing roses next to the support. Dig the center of each hole about 2 feet away from the trellis. Plant the rootball according to the package instructions.

Step 3

Place the canes horizontally along the trellis. These strong, primary shoots require horizontal placement to produce an abundance of blossoms. Gently separate the canes from each other, making sure they do not cross over one another. Tie them along the nearby lattice, placing the lower canes on the lower horizontal sections of lattice, and the higher canes on the higher sections of lattice. Attach to the lattice with strong twine or plant ties. Avoid using hard or sharp materials, such as fine wire, to attach the canes to the lattice.

Step 4

Cut away any broken branches or damaged canes when tying your climbing roses to your support. Do not tie damaged sections to the trellis. Climbing roses require little pruning during the first couple of years of growth. Continue to remove dead segments and tie up new canes as your climbing roses mature and grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Trellis
  • Twine
  • Plant ties
  • Pruning shears


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