Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas

Adding flowers to your Christmas, whether as decorations around your home, as a gift or as a centerpiece, brings extra joy and happiness to holiday festivities. Creating Christmas arrangements is more fun and easier than arrangements at other times of the year, because of all the extras that can be added to your arrangement. Seasonal extras can be ornaments, fruit, ribbons, candles, dried pods and small toys. The possibilities are endless.

Household Decorations

Adding Christmas flower arrangements to your holiday decor will brighten any room and fill it with lovely fragrances. Create a flower display across your fireplace mantle using pine, eucalyptus, carnations, daisies, lilies or roses. Integrate pine cones, wire ribbon, ornaments, fruit or tiny toys, such as vehicles, teddy bears or dolls. Table or counter flower arrangements can be just as fun and delightful and have a look of elegance. Use containers that express the season, colored vases, silver containers or painted boxes with a water jar hidden inside or baskets with fancy ribbons adorning them. Candles are often used with Christmas flower arrangements, in the center of a floral wreath or as tapered candles in a holder or candelabra.


Christmas tables are not complete without some sort of centerpiece, and one made from flowers adds to the dining festivities. Keep your centerpiece for dinner tables low to avoid the arrangement interfering with table conversations, though candles are acceptable. Also, very fragrant blooms should not be used for you centerpiece arrangements as they will conflict with the wonderful odors of the food being served. Christmas centerpieces should be interesting with varying textures. To accomplish different textures within your centerpiece, use a variety of greenery, from pines and hollies, to berry bush branches and different flowers. Add to your arrangement glitter spikes and metallic stars or pompoms. Ribbon with wire in the edge allows you to craft your bows and streamers artfully.

Gift Bouquets

For someone who has everything, as a hostess gift or if you just do not know what to give someone, a Christmas flower bouquet is ideal. You can select an assortment of blossoms in red and white, filling in around them with greenery, then wrap them in Christmas wrapping tied with ribbon. You can also find a Christmas-themed container or basket and place your bouquet in it. Again, it is fun to add glitter sticks and metallic stars or pompoms to your bouquet.

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