Anthurium Andreanum Care


Anthurium andraeanum is more commonly known as the "flamingo flower." This tropical beauty is native to the tropics of central and south America. An evergreen perennial, Anthurium andraeanum is desirable for its ability to grow in low light conditions and for its large, glossy, brightly colored bracts (modified leaves), which range in color from hot pink to bright orange. These exotic plants will bloom continuously with proper care, according to Edward F. Gilman, a horticulturist with the University of Florida.


This tropical plant is most often grown indoors due to its high temperature and humidity requirements. Outdoors, Anthurium andraeanum can be grown in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zones 10B through 11, which is limited to the southernmost tip of Florida and the far southern coast of California.


Plant your flamingo flower outdoors in a location where it will receive bright but indirect light. Morning sun followed by afternoon filtered shade is best, as the hot, direct rays of the afternoon sun can scorch the leaves and bracts. Indoor plants should be placed where they can receive bright but filtered light, such as near a south-facing window or a window that is filtered by an opaque curtain. While Anthurium andraeanum can grow in low-light conditions, flower production will be reduced with exposure to less light.


Anthurium andraeanum needs consistently moist soil in order to thrive, but do not leave standing water around the plant, or make the soil too waterlogged, as this may lead to rotting of the flower's roots. Empty the water-catch tray immediately after the plant stops draining, if your flamingo flower is potted. Cool, slightly moist soil at all times is best for this exotic tropical.


Flamingo flowers prefer a loose planting medium that is well-draining as well as high in nutrients. Work peat moss, organic mulch and course sand into the soil around your plant, or use a "soilless" potting medium if you are planting your Anthurium andraeanum in a container.


Anthurium andraeanum plants need air that contains 50 percent humidity. If the humidity level drops below 50 percent, the leaves may become dull and even die, according to Mr. Gilman. Provide humidity for your indoor flamingo flower by placing the pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water. Rest the pot on the pebbles, but not touching the water. Or spray the plant twice a day with water.

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