Decorative Hanging Ceiling Flowers

Flowers naturally look beautiful flowering in the garden, but they can look especially charming when cultivated in a decorative hanging basket. A hanging plant from a ceiling with draping foliage and flowers adds a touch of color and life to indoor rooms as well as outdoor porches that need a little extra something.

Norse Fire Plant

With dark green foliage contrasted by fiery tubular blooms in a spectrum of red and orange colors, Norse Fire Plant (Columnea) makes an exotic and striking hanging plant. Native to Panama and Costa Rica, Norse Fire Plant grows best in bright but indirect sunlight and high humidity. The plant will thrive in well-drained, rich soil. Watering the plant with warm water and misting occasionally will help keep it lush and healthy. Norse Fire Plants are prone to aphids and mites, so pick out a healthy, pest-free specimen from the nursery lest you introduce problems to other plants in the home.

Moss Rose

Moss Rose (Portulaca grandiflora) is an attractive flowering plant that will cascade beautifully over the edge of a decorative basket hung by the ceiling. The plant produces flowers in a range of colors, from creamy white to warm yellow and hot pink. Native to Brazil and other parts of South America, Moss Rose thrives in hot climates. Full sunlight is ideal, and the plant requires very well-drained soil (preferably with sand of pebbles). It blooms all summer. Though Moss Rose is moderately drought-tolerant, it will produce better blooms with regular watering.

Tree Gloxinia

Tree Gloxinia (Kohleria medea) makes a wonderful decorative hanging plant, offering attractive foliage and delicate red and yellow bell-shaped blooms. Native to South America, Tree Gloxinia is an appropriate choice for a home with humidity. Tree Gloxinia does best with well-drained soil that is kept moist. Misting the plant occasionally is essential, although the plant should mostly be left alone in the winter. Tree Gloxinia prefers indirect sunlight, and is for the most part pest-resistant.

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