The Best Grass Edgers

Three types of grass edgers exist: battery powered, electric and gas. Grass edgers are designed to cut vertically, so they make a more even cut along the edges of driveways, sidewalks and flowerbeds. The type of grass edger you choose should be based on your needs, including the size of your lawn.

Troy-Bilt TBE515 Edger

The TBE515 Edger is a gas powered edger, and is good for larger yards, where an electric edger cannot reach because of its cord restrictions. This edger is a 4-cylinder edger and uses gas only, as opposed to gas and oil. The 29cc engine has enough power to cut through thick, matted grass roots on the edges of sidewalks, driveways and landscaping. The blade is 9 inches and has a dual steel tip. It creates a 3 ½-inch edging depth, ensuring that even thick sod is cut away. A gas edger can be used on all size lawns and on farms, and is best for those who edge at least once per week.

Black and Decker Edge Hog 2-in-1 Landscape Edger

The Black and Decker Edge Hog is one of the top sellers on Since it is limited by a cord, these are best for smaller yards. The motor is 2 ¼ horsepower, and offers enough power to run its steel blade through most jobs. You can also change the depth of the blade on this model, which allows you to easily edge around areas that might not be even with grass (such as pool decks). A big benefit of the electric edger is that it is lighter than gas edgers. Electric edgers are not as durable as gas edgers, so if you edge frequently, even if you have a smaller yard, you might want to consider a gas edger.

American Gardener YardStick

The American Gardener YardStick is one of the best battery-powered edgers. Like the electric edger, the battery-powered edger, at 16 lbs., is lighter than a gas edger. A battery-powered edger is good for someone who has a small yard and does not want to be bothered with an extension cord. The batteries last for 45 minutes---enough time to finish the edging on a small- to medium-sized lawn.

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