How to Have Green Plants


Trees, shrubs, flowering plants and houseplants obtain their green color from chlorophyll. This substance causes the plants' cells to absorb sunlight. Photosynthesis is the term used for a plant's ability to process this sunlight into energy for growing and reproducing. Healthy plants exhibit green leaves and stems. Different varieties display varying amounts of this green color. Provide your plants with the necessary elements to increase their health and strengthen their ability to reach their optimum shade of green.

Step 1

Place your plant in a bright location to encourage green foliage. Most varieties of plants require large amounts of sunlight to flourish and grow. Some plants tolerate shady locations and areas with filtered light. Look for pale-colored leaves and sparse, leggy growth. These signs often indicate a desire for more sunlight. Provide the setting required for each plant according to the instructions included on the container or care guide. If you do not have the instructions, try placing your faded plant in an area with a little more sunlight. Watch for increased greening within a few days of placement.

Step 2

Provide your houseplants with stable temperatures. Check your houseplants for the appearance of yellowing leaves near the bottom of the plant. Houseplants with leaves that turn yellow and fall from the plant require even temperatures. Place your plants in an area away from doorways, heater vents and air conditioners. Maintain a steady climate to increase the health of your green plants. Keep your indoor temperature between 58 and 86 degrees F for optimum health.

Step 3

Fertilize your plants to increase healthy levels of nutrients necessary for green foliage. Add organic matter to garden soils before planting seeds or transplanting seedlings. Plant materials, such as dead leaves and dry grass clippings, increase the amount of nitrogen in existing soils. Incorporate the organic matter into your soil by turning it in with a garden shovel or garden tiller. Apply a little nitrogen fertilizer to houseplants that display pale leaves. Mix and apply the fertilizer according to the label. Do not add more than directed. Too much fertilizer can damage green plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Shovel
  • Garden Tiller


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