Landscape Wall Ideas

Landscape walls can accentuate property borders, serve as a protective barrier or add a decorative element to the overall exterior design. Camouflage an existing wall with a natural tree line or tiles that dramatically impact the landscape. Build a retaining wall to keep a hillside in place or stack stones to flow with your property's natural lines.

Landscape Timber Wall

Build a retaining wall with landscape timbers to protect an eroding hillside or to create tiers on an embankment. Railroad ties are another choice of building material for retaining walls, but they're covered in harmful creosote that can seep into the ground. Landscape timbers are made from treated wood that also may be harmful to some vegetation, but the timbers are more lightweight and easier to handle than railroad ties. Retaining walls must be anchored into the ground with rebar; the timbers are joined together with 10-inch timber nails.

Stone Walls

Stack layers of natural stone or manufactured stone pavers to make a landscape wall for the property. Create a country cottage atmosphere with natural stones or a modern design with pavers. Low stone walls that follow the natural flow of the landscape create decorate borders, and tall stone walls are naturally imposing. Hold the wall in place with mortar between each layer and on the sides of each stone.

Pebble Tile Wall

Cover an existing concrete garden wall with pebble tiles to add rustic charm to the landscape. A concrete block wall covered in pebbles creates the look of a cottage garden or a rocky hillside. What was once an eyesore can now be an attractive focal point. Pebble tiles are available in 12-inch square sheets with a mesh backing you can cut to size. The tiles interlock so the installation appears seamless. Install pebble tiles with a thin layer of thinset and exterior grout and grout seal.

Mosaic Wall

If your style is more Mediterranean than rustic, cover a concrete or wood wall with mosaic tiles rather than pebble tiles. The side of a garden shed or the back of a fence wall will pop with color if you add vibrant ceramic tiles to the landscape. Create an image or simply add the tiles randomly for a distinctive design. Install exterior ceramic mosaic tiles or bits of broken ceramics the same way as pebble tiles, with a thin layer of thinset. Exterior grout and grout seal complete the installation.

Living Wall

Create a living wall in the landscape by planting stalks of bamboo or a line of fast-growing evergreen trees. The trees can camouflage an existing concrete block wall or they can create a wall of branches and tree trunks to border the property. Select trees with dense foliage such as Leyland Cyprus, American Holly or Thuja Green Giant for natural landscape walls.

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