Ideas for Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Ideas for wedding bouquet preservation can help you capture an image from one of the most important days of your life. Make arrangements to have your bouquet preserved immediately after the reception. Take a photograph of your bouquet so you can rearrange the dried flowers accordingly. Display the bouquet in your home. Use it as a reference when you share stories of your wedding with your children and grandchildren.

Air Drying

Air drying is the least expensive method of preserving flowers from a wedding bouquet, as you dry them naturally. Tie the flower stems together with an elastic band. Hang them upside down in a dark, dry and warm environment until they dry--this may take a few days to several weeks. Refer to the photograph of your bouquet once the flowers have dried. Arrange the flowers accordingly. Frame or encase your bouquet in a glass covering. This method can have negative results. Flowers may shrink in size, lose their original shape and darken considerably. This method does not apply to all flowers. For instance, air drying does not work with orchids and lilies.

Silica Gel

Use a drying agent, such as silica gel or borax, to preserve the flowers from your wedding bouquet without changing the blooms' shape or color. Choose plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Pour silica gel into the containers until they are half full. Separate similar flowers and immerse them in a single container. Pour more gel into the containers to completely immerse the flowers. Replace the lids. The silica gel absorbs moisture and dries the flowers in three to four days. Rearrange the dried flowers according to the photograph of your bouquet.

Glycerin Method

Use glycerin to preserve your wedding bouquet. This method results in supple flowers. Follow the instructions on the glycerin package. Mix the glycerin and warm water in a jar. Immerse the flowers in the mixture. The stems absorb the glycerin, which replaces the water content in the flowers. Hang the flowers once they fully absorb the glycerin to finish the preserving process. For the best results, the flowers from your bouquet should still be fresh--not wilting--when you add them to the glycerin solution.

Freeze-Drying Method

Freeze-drying is the latest technology for wedding bouquet preservation. This method results in flowers with a near life-like appearance. This method probably is the most costly--it cannot be attempted at home. This method requires the service of a professional. An expert will take the bouquet apart, freeze dry the flowers in a machine and reassemble them to match the original arrangement. This method takes about four weeks to complete.

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