Ideas for Garden Planters

Planters are both functioning and decorative elements for the garden. A raised bed planter helps contain invasive plants and a hanging planter makes use of vertical space. Other types of garden planters that sit on a garden wall or beneath a tree add patches of color and design to the landscape.

Old Boot

Drill a few holes in the sole of an old boot, and use it as a garden planter. This rustic style planter fits in well in a country setting and looks especially charming with colorful flowers spilling over the top. Wavy petunias and other trailing plants are good choices for an old boot planter. Waterproof the boot with leather sealant to help it hold up to the elements. Keep the plant in the pot and place the pot in the boot for best results. The high top of the boot will hide the pot, so it looks as if the planter were growing from the boot.

Coffee Can

Recycle a coffee can to make decorative garden planters. Clean the can, remove the advertising and sand the rim to dull any sharp edges. Puncture holes in the bottom of the can for drainage. One way to decorate the planter is to paint the outside of the can with acrylics. A floral or ivy motif works well for a garden planter; stencils and templates help create the decorative designs. You could also cover the coffee can with mosaic tiles or flat backed cabochons. Waterproof construction adhesive will hold the tiles in place.

5-Gallon Bucket

Create your own upside down tomato planter from a 5 gallon bucket and a shepherd's hook. Drill a 1-inch hole in the bottom center of the bucket. Hang the bucket by the handle on the hook in the garden. Insert a tomato plant up through the drilled hole and fill the bucket two-thirds full with potting soil. It helps if one person holds the tomato plant in place while another fills the bucket with soil.

Box Springs

Recycle old box springs into a raised bed garden planter. Make sure to use a box spring with a frame made from wood. Remove the fabric cover from the frame and cut the wire coils off as they exit the base of the box springs. Paint the outside of the wood frame with waterproof paint. Drill holes in the wood bottom for drainage; a 1/2-inch hole every 6 inches will suffice. Cover the inside of the wood frame with plastic; remember to punch holes in the plastic where they fall over the drainage holes. Place the raised bed in the garden and fill it with your choice of planting medium. Raised bed garden planters are best for shallow rooted plants.

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