How to Make Hoya Plants Flower


Hoya carnosa, also known as Wax Plant or Wax Vine, is a tropical flowering vine with succulent-type leaves shaped like a surfboard. It is commonly grown as an indoor plant and is free-blooming based on conditions. The round flower heads are made of multiple florets that have a nectar and sweet fragrance. According to North Dakota State University, daily direct sunlight, correct watering, and potassium-rich fertilizers are key to encouraging blooms in hoya.

Step 1

Place your hoya where it will receive at least four hours of direct sun each day to get it to flower. A south-facing window is ideal.

Step 2

Feed your hoya a complete fertilizer that is high in potassium to encourage flowering. Look for a product with a guaranteed analysis of 5-10-5 or 20-10-20 to encourage blooms, and apply according to the product label dosing directions.

Step 3

Water your hoya consistently and deeply to soak the root mass entirely. Allow the top third of the growing soil to become dry to the touch before watering again. Refrain from keeping the soil constantly wet, as this can induce rot and insect activity.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • 5-10-5 or 20-10-20 fertilizer


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