Tools to Apply Weed Killer

Weeds often take over unattended corners of the home landscape. Ridding the yard of nuisance plants often requires the use of weed killers. Application of spray herbicides is a time-consuming task. A host of tools exist to make this job easier for homeowners and commercial landscapers. The choice of each type of tool is based on the size of the area that requires spraying and the frequency of herbicide application.

Hand Spray Bottles

Traditional spray bottles work well to distribute weed killer over small areas. These bottles feature a hand sprayer nozzle attached to a plastic bottle. The spray mechanism unscrews from the bottle for filling. The sprayer connects to a tube that rests inside the bottle immersed in the liquid weed killer. Heavy-duty spray bottles can be purchased in bulk from home improvement stores. These models withstand heavy use and consist of sturdy plastic to limit wear on the bottle. A twist of the cap on the end of the sprayer allows the user to adjust the broadcast from spray to stream.

Backpack Sprayers

Larger areas require the use of a backpack sprayer for easy transport of higher volumes of liquid. Backpack sprayers consist of a tank with straps to rests on the back of the user. These sprayers have manually-operated pumps that dispense liquid down a tube to the hand-held sprayer wand. Tank sizes range from 1- to 5-gallon sizes. Higher end models also have agitators to constantly stir the herbicide for proper mixing.

Pump Sprayers

Pump sprayers consist of an oblong plastic tank with a cap and pump installed at the top. A long hose with a spray nozzle attaches to the tank. Pumping the handle pressurizes the tank to allow the user to spray. Application requires multiple stops for pumping. Users carry the tank in one hand and use the other hand to spray herbicide. Pump sprayers are relatively cheap and spread herbicides over a large area for a reasonable cost.

Hose End Sprayer

Some companies produce weed killers that are premixed for use with specialized nozzle that screws onto the garden hose end. Attach the herbicide bottle to the nozzle and turn on the water pressure. Water pours into the bottle to create an accurate mixture of herbicide for spreading around the landscape. Most nozzles have adjustable sprays for use in various landscape applications.

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