Mulching Mower Instructions


Using a mulching mower to cut your lawn can keep it healthy. By mulching the grass clippings, you keep the soil covered and reintroduce nitrogen into the soil. Grass clippings decompose quickly when you mow correctly, therefore eliminating worry about thatching the lawn. There are some different steps you can take to enhance the benefits of a mulching mower.

Step 1

Run the engine in high speed for best results in normal or heavy mowing. You should only use the low speed for light mowing or for fuel economy. When using low speed for a very heavy cutting, reduce the width of your cut. This will help prevent clumping throughout your lawn.

Step 2

Cut the lawn in cross-cut patterns during heavy conditions. This will give you additional mulching of ground debris.

Step 3

Set the mower deck height according to the grass height at the time of mowing. You only need to cut 1/3 or less of the total height of the grass for a healthy lawn. Adjust all four wheel levers to the same height.

Step 4

Cut the lawn when the grass is dry, especially if you have taller grass. Wet clippings tend to invite disease, as they can mold rather quickly.

Step 5

Start mowing the lawn earlier in the day so the the clippings will have time to wilt and move down toward the soil level.


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