Types of Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawn mowers come in many models. You can purchase a push lawn mower that is self-propelled, cordless or electric and there are manual push mowers. Factors to take into consideration before purchasing a push mower include your lawn, the landscape of the lawn and the terrain.

Self-Propelled Gas Push Mower

According to ConsumerSearch.com, self-propelled gas push mowers work well on lawns of about a half an acre and are typically the most expensive push lawn mowers. Variations of the self-propelled gas mower include front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, cruise control, single speed and variable speed. Loud noise is a concern when operating a self-propelled gas lawn mower. The motor drives the mower. Self-propelled gas push mowers need more repairs than any other lawn mower.

Gas-Powered Push Mowers

According to ConsmerSearch.com, gas-powered push mowers work well on flat terrain. Gas-powered push mowers require the operator to push the mower. Push mowers can come equipped with a bagging system for catching all the lawn clippings. The full bag can add an extra weight of 30 to 40 lbs., making them hard to push.

Corded Electric Mowers

According to ConsumerSearch.com, corded electric lawn mowers offer a lower noise level and fewer emissions than gas mowers. Corded electric push mowers are light in weight. For a larger lawn, use an extension cord. A 12-amp electric mower is comparable in power to a 5.5-horsepower gas mower. Corded electric mowers vary from push mowers to self-propelled.

Cordless Electric Mowers

According to ConsumerSearch.com, a cordless electric mower offers the user flexibility. Battery life for the cordless mower is approximately 45 minutes. Depending on the cordless electric mower, the user could insert a fully charged battery while a dead battery is charging. The battery will last about two years before needing replacement. This type of mower is more expensive than the corded model but does not need an extension cord.

Manual Reel Mowers

According to ConsumerSearch.com, manual reel mowers are the quietest mower. Powered by the momentum of the user pushing the mower, manual reel mowers work for maintaining a lawn, but do not cut very well in long grass. Manual reel mowers are allergy friendly because they do not stir up dust and pollen, and extremely affordable to the consumer.

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