How to Use a Plastic Pipe for Vine Supports


Both ornamental and edible vine plants require a trellis or support system to keep them off the ground so they can thrive. Ivy and morning glory are two types of ornamental vines that require trellising, while cucumber and squash plants benefit from support in the vegetable garden. Plastic pipe, also known as PVC plumping pipe, is readily available and inexpensive at hardware stores, and it requires only a minimum of effort to turn it into a serviceable vine support system.

Step 1

Measure the length of the garden bed that requires trellising. Lay out a 6-foot tall, ½-inch-diameter plastic PVC pipe for each 4 feet of length.

Step 2

Place a ½-inch-diameter PVC elbow joint on the top of two of the 6-foot tall pipes. Place a ½-inch PVC T-joint on any other 6-foot pipes being used.

Step 3

Push the pipes 8 to 12 inches into the garden bed, spacing the pipes 4 feet apart. Place the pipes with the elbow joints on either end and place the pipes with the T-joints between these.

Step 4

Slide a second ½-inch-diameter PVC pipe through the T-joints and fit either end into the elbow joints to secure it, forming the crossbar on the support. Use a length of PVC as long as the trellis area for the cross bar.

Step 5

Cut a piece of nylon garden netting to the size of the trellis. Stretch it over the plastic pipe frame and tie it in place with wire or garden twine.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid erecting the vine support in an area prone to high winds, as it may blow over and damage the vines.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • PVC pipes
  • PVC elbows
  • PVC T-joints
  • Nylon netting
  • Wire or twine


  • Washington State University Extension: A Simple Trellis for Concurbits
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