Different Types of Wedding Flowers

The brilliant beauty of flowers, each with their own distinct color, shape and size, helps to create a bright and colorful design on wedding day. Some wedding flowers are double blooms to create a full, lush look while others are solitary and perfect for a simple arrangement. Have fun mixing different blooms to form a beautiful arrangement. For an understated yet just as showy bouquet, use one single color and type of flower.

White Calla Lily

Calla lilies are a simple, elegant wedding flower variety with large white flower heads that envelop the yellow, finger-like center. A late spring- to early summer-blooming flower, calla lilies have upright foliage that is arrow shaped with a green and glossy appearance to contrast with the white flowers. Growing 1 to 3 feet tall, white calla lilies have sturdy, upright stems. Calla lilies look classic with only one or two blooms tied together. Use a whole clutch of lilies clustered together for a larger wedding bouquet.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot tulips make stunning wedding flowers because of their unusual petals. Curled and ruffled with stripes of varying colors, these petals make for an unexpected burst of texture. The spring-blooming parrot tulip grows in a wide range of colors including, white, red, orange, pink, purple and red. Growing 14 to 20 inches tall, parrot tulips have bright green, upright stems that can be cut down for shorter bouquets, or kept tall for a commanding bouquet.


The crepe-thin multi-layered blooms of the ranunculus flower make brilliant wedding flowers. Grown in every color imaginable, ranunculus flowers have pale green 2- to 24-inch hollow stems with parsley-like leaves that make striking wedding bouquets. Spring- to summer-blooming, the tissue-like flower heads of the ranunculus flower are tightly whorled together. When mixed with different colored blooms, the ranunculus flower makes for a commanding mixed floral arrangement.


A tuberous flower variety, the anemone makes for a vibrant wedding flower. The saucer-shaped, semi-double blooms of the anemone grow in a wide range of colors including, white, red, yellow and lilac. Spring-blooming anemones have a flat-topped form and toothed leaves that look magnificent clustered together for a bouquet. The colorful circular row of stamens on the anemone contrasts with the bright blooms for a show stopping design. The grape leaf-like foliage of the anemone also adds brilliant texture that results in a chic bouquet.

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