Landscaping Ideas Using Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are often 12-inch square sheets of interlocking mesh covered on one side with real stones. Pebble tiles may be used as flooring for bathrooms, around pools and other areas where water creates a potentially slick surface. Decorative pebble tiles are available in a variety of stone sizes and colors, which can also work as part of the landscaping in your yard or garden.

Pebble Tile Water Wall

Create a pebble tile water wall as a focal point on your landscaping. Cover a sheet of marine plywood or acrylic sheeting with pebble tiles to create a rock wall. Install the pebble tiles the same way as other tile installations; press the sheets into a layer of thinset, grout and seal them after the adhesive dries. Stand or hang the pebble tile wall over a concrete planter, also covered in pebble tiles. Place a submersible waterfall pump inside the planter. Direct the water up and over the top of the pebble tile wall with plastic tubing. Add the water wall to the back wall of a flower bed, on the patio or along a garden fence line.

Pebble Tile Wall

Cover a concrete wall with pebble tiles to give the landscaping a more natural appearance. Storage sheds, garages and other garden buildings made from concrete blocks are more attractive if they are camouflaged. Pebble tiles covering the wall that faces your home or garden completely change the look of the landscape. You could also create a cottage garden effect on your patio by adding pebble tiles to the portion of the house wall that borders the patio.

Stone Planters

Enhance the appearance of old wood or concrete planters by covering them with pebble tiles. The pebble tile upgrade will bring new life to your existing planters, which will impact your landscaping. Place the planters along a walkway or along your property border. A large pebble covered planter can be a focal point on the landscaping as a centerpiece of a flower bed.


A pebble tile walkway in the front yard or garden is a striking addition to your landscaping. Cover the existing concrete walkway from the driveway to the front door with pebble tiles to dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. If the existing wood or concrete walkway in your garden has seen better days, improve it with the interlocking pebble tiles.

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