Sympathy Flowers Ideas

You can use sympathy flowers to express more than your sorrow and support. It can be difficult during a time of mourning to eloquently put your feelings into words, so let your sympathy flowers express your thoughts and pay tribute to the deceased. A deeper, more heartfelt message is sent when you specifically select flowers that symbolize the emotions you are feeling, either the flower itself, its color, or the style in which the flowers are arranged. Todd Van Beck, an associated with A.S. Turner and Sons in Decatur, Georgia, summarized the importance of sympathy flowers perfectly when he said, "Flowers do not wither and die in the mind of the bereaved. They are recalled time and again as indelible memories."

Flower Symbolism

Because of their symbolic meaning, selecting particular flowers to be included in your sympathy arrangement gives an added message of care and support to the grieving recipient. Including a brief note explaining the symbolism and why you chose those particular flowers will be appreciated and relay your thoughtfulness. Lilies are often included in sympathy bouquets, because they have long been associated with life and hope. Carnations represent remembrance of the person now gone, while roses symbolize respect and great love. Iris symbolizes faith, hope and wisdom, while poppies are symbolic of remembrance and eternal sleep.

Color Symbolism

The color of the flowers you select for the sympathy arrangement you send also can send a message to the bereaved. White flowers traditionally convey peace, reverence and purity; red-colored blooms symbolize strength, respect and courage. Pink represents life and a sense of joy, although a peachy pink expresses your sympathy. Blue-colored flowers are known to reduce worry and stress, giving the recipient a sense of calm.


There are numerous styles you can select for your sympathy flowers. If you are very close to the deceased, a casket spray, floral wreath or easel spray is an excellent way to express your sympathy. Smaller expressions of sympathy using flowers is just as appropriate and can be in the form of blooms in a basket, bud vase, table or standing arrangement.

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