Scotts Lawn Care Tips

Scotts manufactures dozens of lawn care products, including fertilizers, herbicides and hardware tools. The company also employs various lawn care experts to help it develop products. Whether you use a Scotts product or not, the company offers several lawn care tips to help keep your turf in top shape.


Deep, infrequent watering is better than frequent, shallow watering. The latter causes lawn roots to congregate at the surface while the former encourages deep root development for a more drought-resistant turf. Scotts recommends watering early in the morning. This gives the grass all day to dry, whereas watering at night keeps grass wet for an extended period of time and increases the risk of fungus growth.


Scotts suggests fertilizing five times a year: early spring, late spring, summer and fall. During the spring, Scotts recommends using a lawn fertilizer formulated with pre-emergent herbicide to help control annual weeds. The fall fertilization is the most important fertilizer application, according to Scotts, because it gives the turf an extra boost of nutrients to help it recuperate from summer wear and tear.

Mulch Leaves

When leaves fall from the trees in your lawn, you may be tempted to rake them up and throw them away. Scotts suggests doing otherwise, saying they provide an important boost of nitrogen that can help your grass grow stronger. The company recommends mowing over the leaves with a standard lawn mower, then dispersing the leaves over your lawn to decompose.

Mowing Height

Rather than cutting your grass short, mow the lawn as high as possible. This encourages deep root development and also shades out any potential weed seeds, according to Scotts.

Lawn Stress

Lawn stress can cause brown spots, wilting or poor grass growth. To reduce stress, Scotts suggests that gardeners avoid walking on their grass. Also, they suggest keeping lawn mower's blades sharp, as dull blades simply shred the grass and can create turf-wide stress.

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