What Tomato Plants Do Not Get the Wilt?

Fusarium and verticillium wilts are two common fungal diseases that can afflict a tomato plant at any point in its life. Ohio State University reports, "The wilt organisms usually enter the plant through young roots and then grow into and up the water-conducting vessels of the roots and stem." This blocks the water supply to the leaves, which causes them to wilt and die. There are strains that resist wilt.

Determinate Varieties

Determinate tomatoes are those that grow to a certain size and then stop putting out vines that continue growing longer and longer, as opposed to indeterminate varieties that freely spread. Determinates are generally more resistant to wilts. According to the University of Tennessee, wilt-resistant determinate tomatoes include Amelia, Carolina Gold, Celebrity, Empire, Floralina, Mountain Fresh, Olympic, Pik Red, Royal Flush, Sebring, Sunbeam, Sunguard and Sunpride.

Indeterminate Varieties

The University of Tennessee lists these indeterminate tomatoes as wilt resistant: Better Boy, Big Seven, Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Sunray and Traveler '76. The University of Missouri adds Beefmaster and Big Beef.

Cherry Tomatoes

Three types of cherry tomatoes are resistant to tomato wilt diseases, according to the University of Tennessee: Cherry Grande, Mountain Belle and Small Fry.

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes contain less watery juice than other types of tomatoes, which makes them good for sauces and other recipes that require less liquid. The University of Tennessee lists two Roma varieties as wilt resistant: Hybrid 882 and Plum Dandy.

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