Products for Grub Control

Grubs are C-shaped, larval stage beetles that destroy grass by feeding on roots, leaching your lawn of nutrients. Areas of grass affected by grubs become excessively dry and eventually die, according to the University of Illinois Extension. A variety of chemical and biological control products for grub control offer effective treatments to remove grubs from your garden.

Chemical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides offer many options to gardeners looking for products for grub control. According to the University of Illinois Extension, the pesticide diazinon is a tried-and-true pesticide that lasts; the only drawback is that it may take up to three weeks for full effectiveness. Imidicloprid, like diazinon, is long-lasting and quite effective, but may take up to three weeks to fully work; the University of Illinois Extension explains that though it is often touted as a product for use in spring, the best application time is in July when a problem is apparent and your lawn is moist but not excessively wet. Another pesticide called trichlorfon is effective, but short-lived; using trichlorfon for grub control is most beneficial when you want to take care of a grub problem immediately to prevent damage. For use of granular products, follow this method: read label-specific instructions, apply the pesticide, irrigate with no fewer than 2 inches of water; for successful use of pesticides, the chemicals need to reach the root level, explains the University of Illinois Extension.

Parasitic Nematodes

For those interested in a biological product for grub control, consider using parasitic nematodes. Parasitic nematodes are not as consistently effective as chemical pesticides, but have shown potential of 80 percent control (or better), according to the Ohio State University Extension. Parasitic nematodes are parasitic, microscopic worms that feed on other life including insects, according to the Nematology Lab at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nematodes come in tens of thousands of species; the strain H. heliothidis has shown promising grub control, according to the Ohio State University Extension.

Aerator Sandals

Aerator sandals are a natural product for grub control. Aerator sandals are shoes that you strap onto your feet like a regular pair of sandals; however, they have spikes attached beneath the sole of the shoe. Research performed by Colorado State University provided positive results and showed that aerator sandals used when grubs are feeding (generally during spring and summer) on irrigated grass are as effective as use of pesticides in grub control. Walk across the grass several times for a higher number of holes per square inch for successful grub control.

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