How to Save Cut Flowers


Fresh cut flowers are a beautiful addition of color and fragrance to your home, but after a few days, even in water, they inevitably begin to wilt and die. Perhaps you want to retain the beauty you displayed in your garden so proudly inside your home. To achieve this, proper preservation of the flowers is essential to keep them looking their best. Saving cut flowers is a simple process that keeps your flowers looking beautiful for many years to come.

Step 1

Place a rubber band tightly around the stems of a bunch of cut flowers towards the bottom of the stem to hold them together.

Step 2

Tie a string around the bottom of the stems.

Step 3

Hang the flowers upside down in a cool dark place by the string.

Step 4

Allow the flowers to dry for at least two weeks.

Step 5

Take the flowers down and remove the string and rubber band.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber band
  • String


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